How to Make a Unicorn Bookmark ?

How to Make a Unicorn Bookmark ?

You want to start reading but you can't really motivate yourself ? We have a solution that will encourage you to read more often:¬†make a unicorn bookmark, as cute as it is useful ūüėć ! It's also the perfect way to get started in¬†unicorn origami¬†!

Of course, you don't have to make just one, you can make lots of them, which will allow you to read several books at the same time ! But not only that. It's a great birthday present for example. You can also give it as a present on other occasions like Valentine's Day.

1) Making a Unicorn Bookmark : the Material

So we will show you how to make a do-it-yourself unicorn bookmark, easily. You will need :

  • Cardboard papers of all colors (so whites and creams), thick and medium thicknesses.
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • A tube of glue
  • A black marker

Drawing Material

If you want to store your accessories in a practical and magical accessory, take a look at our Unicorn Pencil Cases ! All plush or with glitter, they are all beautiful ! 

2) Unicorn Bookmark Tutorial

Let's start the origami unicorn bookmark tutorial ! Just follow the instructions and you should be able to do it without any problems.

Print out the template sheet and cut out each shape following the contours. Take the large square and place it on a flat surface. Fold the square in half on its diagonal.

Tuto Bookmark Unicorn

Take the corner on the open part of the triangle and fold it down so that the top of the small triangle coincides with the bottom of the large triangle. You probably know the famous video game series The Legend of Zelda ? Well, you have to get a Triforce at this point ! In all, there are now 4 small triangles.

Tuto Bookmark Unicorn Origami

Fold the right side upwards. The top of the small triangle on the right must now coincide with the top of the small triangle at the top.

Make a Unicorn Bookmark

Do the same with the small triangle on the left.

How to Make an Easy Unicorn Bookmark

Take one of the two triangles and tuck it into the inside pocket by folding it in half.

How to Make a Kawaii Unicorn Bookmark

Do the same with the other side.

How to Make a Unicorn Paper Bookmark

We will now use all the other models to decorate our unicorn bookmark ! Put your medium thick colored cardboard papers under the printed sheet and cut out the shapes. Use red, orange and pink for the flowers, green for the leaves and yellow for the center of the flowers.

Unicorn Bookmark

Assemble the flowers by sticking their different parts on top of each other.

Easy Unicorn Bookmark

Then take your thickest card stock and cut out the parts of the ears and the horn.

Bookmark Origami Unicorn Easy

Glue the inside of the ears to the outside, as shown in the picture.

How to Make a Unicorn Origami Bookmark

Is it good ? All set ? Then put all the pieces together and let's start assembling the unicorn !

Bookmark Unicorn Diy

Stick the unicorn's horn and ears behind the bookmark.

Bookmark Origami Unicorn

Then glue the flowers over the ears and the horn. Use the black marker to make the eyes of the unicorn. 

Bookmark Origami Unicorn Tuto

Congratulations, now you know¬†how to make a unicorn paper bookmark¬†ūüĎć ! You can now put it on the corner of the page of the book where you stopped.

Bookmark Unicorn Book

And if you want more ideas, you can follow this video, which presents a unicorn bookmark tutorial in a slightly different style !

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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