How to Draw a Unicorn Ice Cream ?

How to Draw a Unicorn Ice Cream ?

Since ancient Greece, humans have always been interested in the magic equine ! According to the unicorn legend, unicorns were at first believed to be a kind of rhinoceros, then its appearance changed to the slender white horse with a spiral horn, passing through the kawaii unicorns as seen in some pictures of unicorns to be coloured !

Are you a fan of unicorns and you probably like ice cream ? Good thing : today we're going to learn how to draw and colour a unicorn ice cream 🍦 ! It combines the fresh and sweet taste of ice cream with the magic and rainbow colours of unicorns. The best of both worlds as the English say ! So get yourself in condition !

1) Unicorn Ice Cream Drawing

To make this drawing, you will need a medium thick black felt pen and a thinner one (a pen will do). You can also use a thick pencil and a thin pencil (or a mechanical pencil for example). If you want to colour in your drawing at the end, you can also use your coloured pencils ✏️ ! By the way, if you don't feel like drawing, you can go straight to the bottom : by clicking on the last black and white picture, you'll have a unicorn ice drawing to colour in !

We start by drawing the horn of the unicorn !  Draw two lines forming a cone with the tip pointing upwards. The two lines should not be of the same length : make the one on the left (for example) slightly longer than the one on the right. The tip of the cone is slightly rounded. Then, connect the two lines by an arc of a circle.

Unicorn Ice Cream Drawing

Then draw two curved lines from the base of the horn. Remember that the centre of the horn will be the centre of the whole drawing !

How to Draw a Kawaii Unicorn Ice Cream

Adds some details on the horn : traces two slightly inclined arcs of a circle.

Ice Unicorn Drawing

The rest of the ice is traced from there, with a succession of arcs. The ice should become wider and wider as you go down. The ends of the arcs of circles should be slightly offset between the left and the right, except for the two lower ones, so that they can be brought together later on.

Ice Cream Drawing Unicorn

Adds some details about the contours of the ice.

Unicorn Ice Drawing Tutorial

Connects the two ends with a large circular arc. This will be the beginning of the cone.

Very Easy Unicorn Ice Drawing

Then trace the cone. The bottom of the horn must correspond to the top of the horn. Make a dot at the bottom of the horn, and use it as a marker to draw the lines : it will be easier. Make the bottom of the cone slightly rounded.

Easy Drawing Unicorn Ice Cream

Draw another arc to give the cone a little more detail.

Draw a Unicorn Ice Cream

Trace the ears of the unicorn towards the top of the ice. Also do the inside of the ears.

Drawing a Unicorn Ice Cream

After the ears, the eyes ! We're going to make a happy unicorn ice cream : draw two little arcs of a circle, with three little lines on top for the eyelashes. Then, make a cute little smile in the middle of the eyes, a little below !

How to Draw a Little Unicorn Ice Cream

Now take your pen or fine pencil : we're going to make the decorations on the ice. Make any shape you want, in any direction. In this example we will make stars, ovals and small circles.

Draw of a Unicorn Ice Cream

Now adds some fine details on the contours of the ice.

Unicorn Ice Cream Draw

Adds fine details to the cone : draw diagonal lines that are parallel to each other and intersect !

Tutorial Unicorn Ice Cream

And the final touch ! As you know if you are familiar with the unicorn powers, unicorns draw their magic from their horns. Add a little magic by drawing little sparks next to the horn !

Unicorn Ice Cream Coloring Pages

You can also print this image : click on it, you will get it in large format.

2) Unicorn Ice Cream Coloring Pages

All that's left to do is colour in your fantastic unicorn ice cream ! It's time to make room for your creativity. To make your ice cream look tasty, you can make it pink (it would be a strawberry ice cream !) and make the decorations in any colour, as shown in the picture. The horn is in three parts, so make a nice colour gradient ! You can also get inspiration from other unicorn images if you want to have other ideas.

Coloring Unicorn Ice Cream

This unicorn ice drawing tutorial is now finished! If you're a fan of drawing, colouring and unicorns (you probably are if you've been there !), you should have your unicorn pencil case. All soft and colourful, you're bound to want to adopt one 😉 !

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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