How to Draw a Unicorn Cat ?

How to Draw a Unicorn Cat ?

Who doesn't like cats and unicorns ? No one ! We love them, just like you certainly do ! That's why a whole range of unicorn cat accessories and toys have appeared.

In this article, we will see how to make a unicorn cat drawing, step by step. You'll see, it's quite simple, just take your time. After this tutorial, you will have more confidence in your drawing skills. Little tip for beginners : take a rather thick felt pen or a greasy pencil. That way you won't have to be too precise. As usual, take a blank piece of paper, your unicorn pencil case, and let's go !

1) How to Draw a Unicorn Cat ?

Let's start by drawing a simple unicorn cat. At each step, the red lines are the new features that need to be drawn. The black ones are those of the previous steps.

Stage 1 : The Ears of the Unicorn Cat

Start the drawing in the middle of your sheet : you will have room to do the whole drawing. Draw two cat ears slightly apart. Then connect the ears with a slightly curved line.

Unicorn Cat Ears

Stage 2 : The Horn of the Unicorn

In the middle of the ears and in the middle of the skull, add the horn of the unicorn. Don't make it too pointed. It should have a little bit the same shape as the ears, but less thick and longer.

Horn of the Unicorn

Step 3 : The Body of the Unicorn Cat

We continue by drawing the body of the unicorn cat. To do this, draw two L's starting from the base of the neck and continuing downwards. The two L's are not pointed, but they should not be completely round. They should not meet each other either.

Body of the Unicorn Cat

Step 4 : The Cat's Eyes and Paws

Now let's draw the cat's eyes. Draw 2 separate circles, a little below the ears. If you are not comfortable with the circles, you can use a jacket button or any round object. This will help you draw a perfect circle ! You can even use a compass if you are drawing in pencil.

In the middle of the two beautiful circles you have just drawn, add two small almond-shaped ovals and fill them in with pencil. These will be the pupils of the cat's eyes.

To get the two front legs, you must draw them between the two L's you drew just before. Make two long U-shaped lines in the shape of an elongated U. Try to keep them similar.

Eyes and Paws of the Unicorn Cat

Step 5 : Rear Legs and Tail

There's not much left until our unicorn cat is perfect ! Trace the cat's two hind legs. They will be placed on the outside of the front paws that we have just drawn, and will be much smaller.

To give the impression that the cat is sitting down, the hind legs will be attached to the sides of the body. Also draw the tail on one side. It is longer than the hind legs, so that it will be well recognized. It will start right next to one of the hind legs.

Unicorn Cat Tail

Step 6 : Unicorn Nose, Mouth and Wings

To make the nose of our little ball of hair, trace a small U in the middle and a little below the two eyes. Close the two branches of the U from the top and fill it in with pencil.

The mouth is made up of two small lines that start in the middle of the nose and look like commas. The two lines will be quite short and slightly rounded. Our unicorn cat will have a cute little nose and a nice little mouth !

To finish off our unicorn cat, you have to add the wings on each side of her body ! As everyone knows, some types of unicorns have wings. To draw them, start by making an upside down M to the left and right of the unicorn cat. Then draw a rounded line that closes the M and starts from the cat's body.

Wings of the Unicorn Cat

Step 7 : Unicorn Cat Details

To make a unicorn horn, small diagonal lines must be added to give it a spiral shape, as we have seen in this Realistic Unicorn Drawing.

You can also draw hearts and stars to add a bit of magic to your drawing !

Stars Unicorn Cat

Step 8 : Colouring Unicorn Cat

It's time to colour the unicorn cat ! You can for example colour it as shown in the picture, get inspiration from these Unicorn Images for example.

Colouring Unicorn Cat

2) How to draw a Kawaii cat unicorn ?

We now tackle the drawing of the unicorn cat kawaii, even more round and cute ! He looks like a kitten and is just as easy to draw ! As before, we will go step by step.

Step 1 : Head of the Unicorn Cat Kawaii

Start by making a well rounded head, taking into account the nose, the ears and the hair.

Head Cat Unicorn Kawaii

Step 2 : Eyes, Nose, Ears, Moustaches

Now draw a big, round eye ! Inside, make a smaller circle (or oval) to simulate a reflection in the eye of the unicorn cat kawaii. Also make small tears. Continue with the eyebrows : make small curved and vertical lines near the eyes. Then draw the small nose, two whiskers, the contours of the ear, the tongue and the cheek.

Cat Unicorn Kawaii Eyes Nose Ears Whiskers

Step 3 : Body of the Unicorn Cat Kawaii

Continue by drawing the body. You can do this in an oval shape, but don't forget that the unicorn cat is in profile : the back should be more rounded than the front. Also draw the tail, making it very thick !

Body and Tail of the Unicorn Cat Kawaii

Step 4 : Feeding the Unicorn Cat Kawaii

And now, the unicorn cat's fish ! To make the scene even cuter, we're going to draw a fish that hangs high and that the unicorn cat can't catch (that's why it cries).

Unicorn Cat Fish

Step 5: Horn and Colouring of the Unicorn Cat Kawaii

All that's left to do is draw the horn and colour the unicorn cat kawaii ! To make a well contrasted drawing, you can use dark grey, and pink for the cheek, tongue, ears and nose. You can leave the tip of the tail white. Finally, make a rainbow unicorn horn !

If you like colouring, you can also take a look at our unicorn colouring pictures, where you'll find other unicorn cats and lots of other unicorns ! 😉

Colouring Cat Unicorn

And to give you another unicorn cat to draw, you can follow this video. The design is a bit different, it's worth a look !

If you love drawing, you will surely be curious to look at our unicorn pixel art ! It's a special style but worth a look.

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