How to Draw a Unicorn Cake ?

How to Draw a Unicorn Cake ?

What is more beautiful and delicious than a Unicorn Cake ? Nothing, right ? That's probably what you think if you've ever had one. So to pay homage to it, you have to learn how to draw it !

For this simple design lesson, we will show you how to draw a unicorn cake easily, step by step. We can assure you that it will have a pretty smile, lovely little eyes, small hearts and most importantly a gorgeous rainbow on the top, to garnish it ! Prepare your unicorn pencil case with your pencil, eraser if needed and coloured pencils. We're off !

1) Unicorn Cake Drawing

Unicorn Cake Drawing 1

We start by drawing the top of the cake : a soft white cloud ! Draw small arcs of circles of different sizes as in the picture. Be careful not to go too high : the cloud should be quite flat at the end.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 2

Do the same for the bottom of the cloud : make a series of circular arcs, varying their size.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 3

You can now draw the cake. Draw two straight lines starting on either side of the cloud. Make sure that the lines start slightly before the edges of the cloud.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 4

You need to slightly round the bottom of each line, then draw a precise arc that connects the two vertical lines together.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 5

We can now start the unicorn decoration ! First, we will draw the unicorn horn. Draw two lines that meet to form a point in the middle of the cake. Be sure that the tip is lightly rounded. Then draw arcs inside the horn to make it look like a spiral.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 6

Now it's your turn to listen ! For the left ear, trace two arcs of a circle on the left side of the horn which meet diagonally. Then, trace two smaller arcs of a circle inside, of the same shape, to make the inside of the ear. Do the same for the other ear to the right of the horn.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 7

We will draw a rainbow behind the horn, it will be perfect to decorate the cake ! For the bottom of the rainbow, draw an arc of a circle that starts to the left of the middle of the horn and goes down to the cloud. Do the same on the right.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 8

To make the top of the rainbow, do the same thing, but the two arcs of a circle must start from the top of the horn to reach the upper parts of the ears.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 9

Let's give a little life to this cake by drawing two eyes and an adorable little mouth ! Draw two arcs of a circle in the middle of the cake and another smaller one in the middle and underneath : this will be the mouth.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 10

Adds little eyebrows to the eyes to make them even cuter ! 😍

Unicorn Cake Drawing 12

Adds an extra layer of detail by drawing an arc at the bottom of the cake. This will give it some relief.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 12

Decorate the face of the cake with little hearts that you will scatter everywhere !

Unicorn Cake Drawing 13

Adds small lashes above the eyes.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 15

And now the plate ! Apply yourself well because this part is quite difficult. Start by drawing two arcs of a circle starting from behind the cake. Then join them together in a large arc that runs from the front.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 15

Draw another rounded line parallel to the first one to give depth to the plate.

Unicorn Cake Drawing 16

Use a thinner pencil or a thin black marker to make the rainbow detail. Draw 5 or 6 arcs of a circle inside the rainbow as shown in the picture. The idea will then be to colour each strip with a different colour !

Unicorn Cake Drawing 17

Now add a few details to the cloud to make it even smoother and softer ! Keep your pencil or fine marker and extend a few edges of the cloud a little. Also draw small arcs inside the cloud that look like the contours of the cloud.

Unicorn Cake to Color

And the final touch : draw small circles aligned above each heart. If you haven't made the drawing and you only want to colour in this picture, click on it : you'll have a unicorn cake drawing to colour in straight away !

2) Unicorn Cake Coloring

After the drawing, the colouring ! As this is a rainbow unicorn cake, don't hesitate to use lots of different coloured pencils !

Unicorn Cake Drawing

Become a Gourmet Unicorn !

This unicorn cake drawing tutorial is now finished : we hope you enjoyed it and are proud of your new drawing skills ! If you like unicorn cake pictures, you can have a look at our Unicorn Cakes : you will have them in all shapes and for all tastes.

If drawing a unicorn cake has whetted your appetite, and you want to know how to draw a unicorn head, have a look at our blog article about it ! And to become a complete unicorn cake expert, you need to own your own Unicorn Moulds. Try them : they will allow you to make petits fours, candies, unicorn birthday decorations and even resin key rings !

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