How to Draw a Realistic Unicorn ?

How to Draw a Realistic Unicorn ?

In this more advanced tutorial, we will see how to draw a realistic unicorn, with the look of a real horse. As usual, take a sheet of paper, your Unicorn Pencil Case and your pencils !

The level of difficulty is higher than in our previous articles on how to draw a unicorn and on unicorn colouring. But don't worry : here we will really learn how to draw a realistic unicorn step by step. If you follow the instructions carefully, you should be able to achieve this result in the end ! And you will learn the essential skill : "how to draw a realistic unicorn easily". It's a real treat !

1) Sketch of the Unicorn

We start our tutorial realistic unicorn drawing by drawing an oval to make the chest. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect : you can come back to it as many times as you need. The pictures we are going to show are very clean because it is a drawing made on computer. On paper with a pencil, it will be a little less clean, but that's quite normal 😊 !

Draw the Body of the Unicorn

Continue by adding the rump. Its size and distance from the chest will make the shape of the body. If it were a horse, one would have to be careful to draw the perfect shape, but unicorns are a different species. They are generally considered smaller and thinner. It doesn't matter if your sketch is not exactly as it looks in the picture !

Draw the Croup of the Unicorn

Add neck and head. As usual, you can keep the proportions as shown in the picture or change them to make something more original !

Draw Unicorn Head

You can choose the pose you want for the unicorn. Since you want to make a realistic unicorn drawing, it is best to give it a horse-like appearance. You can look at how to draw a horse if you lack inspiration.

Draw Unicorn Paws

Drawing Unicorn Paws

Finish the sketch by adding the unicorn's tail.

Draw Unicorn Tail

2) Unicorn Body Drawing

We will now add the characteristic shapes of the body of a unicorn. Start by drawing the unicorn's head and muzzle.

Drawing Unicorn Head

Then connect them with two lines and add the ears on top of the head.

Draw Unicorn Muzzle and Ears

Then add the eyes :

Draw Unicorn Eyes

Adds a few details to the head and starts drawing the hooves. Adjusts the direction of the lines according to the angle of the legs. The hooves in the picture are smaller than those of a horse : by doing so, you can make them look like those of a deer. This makes it possible to clearly differentiate the unicorn from a horse !

Draw Unicorn Clogs

Unicorn Clogs Finish

Add the unicorn's knees.

Draw Unicorn Knees

Adds a few more details to the knees. The bones are very visible in these areas and create the typical unicorn look.

Unicorn Knee Finish

Add the thighs of the unicorn.

Draw Unicorn Thighs

Connects the different parts of the legs with lines.

Draw Unicorn Legs

Before drawing the neck, it is good to have a few lines to make a guide for the back of the shoulder blades and the width of the neck.
Drawing Unicorn Neck

You can now complete the outline of the unicorn's body.

Contour Drawing Unicorn Body

3) Unicorn Horn Drawing

We will now draw the horn of the unicorn step by step. It looks complicated to draw, but we will go step by step ! Start by drawing a line from the head. This will define its length and direction.

draft unicorn horn

Then draw small diagonal lines along the entire length of the horn. The angle of the lines in relation to the horn should get smaller and smaller the closer you get to the tip.

unicorn horn drawing

Draw a copy of each line by shifting it a little bit at the bottom of the first ones.

drawing unicorn horn

Connects the first lines and the copied lines with a small arc-shaped line.

Unicorn Horn Design

Finish the horn by drawing small concave arches (curved in the opposite direction from the previous step).

Design Unicorn Horn

4) Realistic Unicorn Drawing

What would a unicorn be without its magnificent mane ? Add a bit of gorgeous hair wherever you want, always inspired by the horse. Unicorns are sometimes depicted with a bushy tail : do as you like !

Realistic Unicorn Drawing

At this stage, the drawing should be fairly rough, with lots of lines in all directions that run over each other. This is quite normal ! To make it clean, you can do one of the following things :

  • If you do the drawing on a computer or tablet : create a new layer.
  • Scan your drawing, lower the brightness with the software of your choice, and print it so that the sketch is barely visible.
  • Draw the most important lines with a ballpoint pen or marker. Place a new sheet of paper on top. You should then see the most prominent lines.

Realistic Unicorn Drawing

Continue to draw on the new layer, the printed sketch or the new sheet of paper (depending on the solution you have chosen). You can fine-tune the details with your own style, or take inspiration from our realistic unicorn images for example.

Realistic Unicorn Design

The split hooves remind us that the unicorn is not a horse !

Unicorn Drawing Realistic

Realistic Unicorn Drawing

This realistic unicorn drawing tutorial is now finished ! If you're curious and want to discover a style that's the opposite of what you've just done, check out our Pixel Art Unicorn ! A bit confusing at first but you'll soon get used to it !

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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