How to Draw a Narwhal ?

How to Draw a Narwhal ?

We now know a little more about the Narwhals, the famous unicorns of the seas ! This sea mammal is the aquatic cousin of the unicorns because it has a horn (called a narwhal's tooth or narwhal's tusk) in the shape of a spiral. This horn has amazing sensory abilities (reminiscent of the magical powers of unicorn horn !). It sometimes even has two 😲 !

Narwhals are becoming as popular as unicorns ! It's not for nothing that many everyday objects with his effigy appear.

So it's time to learn how to draw a narwhal ! In kawaii version, that is to say even rounder and cuter. You could say it's a baby narwhal 😉. At the end of the book we will see an example of narwhal colouring. If you just want to have a drawing of a narwhal to colour in, you can click directly on the last black and white image : this will open a narwhal image to print in large format !

Before you start this easy narwhal drawing, prepare your unicorn pencil case, pencil, eraser and a sheet of paper ! If you're ready, then let's go !

1) How to Draw a Kawaii Narwhal

To begin this narwhal kawaii drawing, we will simply draw a round outline. Pretend you are drawing a circle without closing it on the right. Make sure that the underside is a little flatter than the top.

Narwhal Drawing

Extend both ends as shown in the picture, with almost straight lines. We must have something that looks like a drop of water at this point !

Kawaii Narwhal Drawing

Continue to extend the two strokes to make them meet in parallel.

Draw a Narwhal

From there, we will draw the narwhal's tail ! Draw the two fins of the tail as if they were leaves.

Drawing Narwhal Tail

We will now draw the narwhal's eyes. Draw two very round circles on the same horizontal line. This will make the narwhal look adorable 😍.

Easy Narwhal Drawing

Let's go to filling ! First draw two small circles inside the large ones, then an arc on the bottom. Make small strokes on the crescent part at the bottom of the eyes. Then fill in the eyes with pencil as in the picture. And last step : add an eyelash on each eye to make them even cuter !

How to Draw a Narwhal

Adds two little arc-shaped eyebrows just above the eyes ! Make a last arc under and in the middle of the eyes to make the mouth 😊.

How to Draw a Narwhal Easy

Now draw the belly of the narwhal with a curved line as in the picture.


Narwhal Drawing

And now, the narwhal's fins ! For the right flipper (from the narwhal's point of view), draw two curved lines at the bottom right of the eye which meet in a rounded way. For the other fin, trace it from the body, and a little shorter than the other because it is partly hidden because of the perspective.

Narwhal Easy Drawing

Add a little heart ❤ on the right flipper !

How to Draw Narwhal

We are nearing the end : the narwhal's horn has yet to be drawn ! Start by drawing a small arc on the forehead. Then, from each end, draw two straight lines that join diagonally to form a cone. And to make the shape of a spiral, draw three arcs of a circle inside the horn.

Drawing of Narwhal

Erases the part that is now hidden by the horn. The final touch : add a few bubbles above the narwhal ! Congratulations, now you know how to draw a kawaii narwhal ! If you haven't done the drawing and you want a picture of the narwhal to print directly, you can click on the drawing.

Narwhal Colouring In

2) Narwhal Colouring

It is high time to colour the narwhal ! This time, we're not going to take rainbow colours like for unicorns (although you do as you like 😉). Instead, we're going to choose fish colours: mainly blue. You can take for example 3 different blues, and pink to colour the little heart and the bottom of the eyes as on the drawing of narwhal in colours below !

Unicorn Drawing Images

There you go, we hope you had a great time ! Next step : make a success of the narwhal in pixel art version ! For that you can take a look at our Top 30 Pixel Art Unicorn.

Below is a video tutorial that shows you how to draw a narwhal step by step !

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