How Long do Unicorns Live ?

How Long do Unicorns Live ?

Unicorns, like many mythical beings, are creatures that live for a very long time.🧐 Their lives can last for centuries. They can live for hundreds of years thanks to their magic, which keeps them alive and healthy. As a result, for them, time passes more slowly. For these legendary and swift creatures, the days seem longer.

Unicorns are magical and powerful, therefore the marks of time take years to settle on these large and noble animals. Their very long life expectancy spares them, however, from the vital problems that are common to ordinary animals in old age. In fact, over time, unicorns are free of arthritis and cataracts, for example. Moreover, they retain all their agility and physical capacities. 💪

How long does a Unicorn baby take to grow ?

Since unicorns live a very long time, it is quite logical to think that it takes several years for a unicorn baby to reach adulthood. For a horse to reach its maximum size, it takes up to 4 years for its musculature to fully develop, although it is normally almost fully grown by the age of 2. Some horses, however, can take up to 8 years ! 😮

For Unicorns, it's drastically different ! Because they can live for several centuries, their maturity proportionally takes much longer ! 😉 Their childhood and adolescence phase lasts a long time. To make up for this long period, they keep busy and have fun with each other ! Of course, there are exceptions. Some unicorns mature more quickly, but in most cases, unicorn babies take at least twenty years to reach adulthood. 🦄

Before reaching this maturity, unicorn babies will undergo many physical changes. Indeed, their bodies will evolve ! 😄 But in the beginning, their horns will be stocky, hidden almost entirely within their shiny mane. These are obviously shorter and the tip is more rounded than the horns of adults. For their horns to become fine and pointed as we know them, the little Unicorn must reach at least adolescence, if not more !

unicorn in a fairy garden

Young Unicorns are totally independent before reaching adulthood ! This means that they can take care of themselves and feed themselves, but when it comes to protection, Unicorns know how to trust themselves ! 🤞 Like a real herd, they can count on the protection of the oldest members of the family. In fact, young Unicorns are in no hurry to grow up when you see how good their life is ! 

How many years do unicorns live when they reach adulthood ?

Once they reach adulthood, unicorns can live for hundreds of years. Their very robust body, their magical and divine properties allow them to pass through the ages without suffering the inconveniences of old age. As a result, their physical condition remains very good, they continue to be energetic and powerful : they are almost as fresh as the youngsters in the herd ! 😃

But how do you distinguish an adult Unicorn from a nearly adult Unicorn ? Their coat ! Indeed, the coat of adult Unicorns is brighter and whiter. ✨ Maybe it's because they are less inclined to roll around in the mud or play hide-and-seek with their fellow creatures ! Nevertheless, their more developed maturity gives them extra grace in their movements and presence. To sum up, adult Unicorns have a prestigious, noble and divine beauty, whereas young Unicorns are undeniably cute and innocent ! 🥰

As these fabulous creatures mature, they also grow wiser. This can be explained by their life on earth. This phenomenon is indescribable and is perceived more by the aura they give off than by their behavior in itself.

Do unicorns ever die ?

This is the famous question that many people ask themselves. It's true, unicorns are mythical beasts of unparalleled power and beauty. But when they disappear, does their life come to an end ?

Like everything else in this world, unicorns certainly come to an end. Whether they possess powerful magic or not, there comes a day when these fairy horses seek eternal peace. 🌷

unicorn in a magical forest

When the time comes, the unicorns usually leave their herd and make one last trip alone. No one accompanies them, not even the closest members of their family.

Unicorns in this situation are looking for a place of solitude and peace. They are looking for a place where they can rest in harmony with the natural world, where their magnificence and purity can be reabsorbed in the heart of nature and forests. 🌲 When this happens, they release their hold on life and find eternal peace.

Unicorns are immortal in our hearts

Many people think that unicorns do not die. In fact, many people cannot get used to the idea that such a beautiful and majestic being could one day die. According to some, the existence of Unicorns is so powerful that they cannot one day be defeated by such a natural spell of death. 💀

Nature and the Unicorns have an extremely strong bond. So strong that one could say that the two are in true symbiosis. Therefore, for others, when the existence of a Unicorn comes to an end, its body returns to the earth and it lives forever. The body of the Unicorns may therefore perish, but their existence is not over. They then inhabit the rocks and trees, watching over their herds and other animals. 🐻

Then, one fine day, they will take possession of a new body. At that precise moment, they will feel a strong power in their legs and will feel agile. They will be reborn. They will then be able to gallop again among the other members of their species, wild and free. 😊

unicorn galaxy

In the end, unicorns can live as long as you want. All of them, without exception, are different and unique in their characteristics. Their representation varies according to what one wishes. If you believe that unicorns are immortal, then keep believing in this. If you believe that unicorns come to life in the rocks and nature that gave birth to them, then this is an equally beautiful way of looking at things.

Even after they are gone, the Unicorns will continue to walk beside you, at your side, whether in your dreams or in your heart. ❤️ They will continue to guide you with their warm breath on your hand, or by pointing their soft little nose at your cheek. Death may offer their bodies eternal rest, far from the problems of the world, but their spirit remains strong and continues to vibrate for all eternity. 💎

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