Can Unicorns Swim ?

Can Unicorns Swim ?

In general, unicorns are not related to swimming. Rather, one imagines them standing on the side of a lake or river, drinking water gracefully in the morning dew. In the Mythology of the Unicorn, there are few references to the fact that unicorns can swim. Nowadays, unicorns are more likely to be found flying in rainbows than crossing a lake !

Let's put an end to the suspense right away : unicorns are excellent swimmers. They move with ease in the water. When they need to, unicorns cross lakes and rivers. If you are lucky enough to have a river or pond near you, you may see unicorns frolicking in the water ! They are like us after all : sometimes they want to cool down, especially in hot weather.

Traditional Unicorns and Swimming

In the historical tradition, unicorns do not resemble the slender horned equidae known to man. Rather, they resembled rhinos or oxen, with a heavy and imposing body and thick fur. It is hard to imagine that animals with such a physique could swim.

Swimming Rhinoceros

And yet, even if it may seem surprising, rhinos can swim ! They are also perfectly capable of moving around in the water if necessary, even if they are not necessarily comfortable in it. So, clothes don't make the monk !

In fact, most animals are able to swim, even those for whom we would not lend this ability : bats, hedgehogs and lazy people. There are many myths about the fact that some animals would sink to the bottom once immersed, like pigs for example. But this remains to be proven. In any case, it is logical that all living beings can swim : if not, the slightest stream would be a great danger ! 😱

Equids, which is the group of mammals to which unicorns belong, are very good swimmers. If you have ever watched animal documentaries, you have probably seen that zebras for example are like fish in water ! The same goes for horses and of course the most elegant creatures on earth, unicorns !

Unicorn in Water

If you know where the unicorns live, you can easily imagine that they need to swim ! The forests and meadows are full of waterholes and rivers, so it is crucial that unicorns are comfortable from a young age, as it is sometimes a matter of life and death.

Beyond swimming, the unicorn horn is in fact attributed with the ability to separate polluted water, among other medicinal virtues, according to an Indian legend. In other words : to be able to purify poisoned waters. This fuels the idea that unicorns have a special relationship with water.

Narvals : Unicorns of the Seas

Many believe that the unicorn was inspired by the Narwhal, the Unicorn of the Seas ! It is therefore logical to think that we would not associate the two animals if unicorns could not swim. Of course, narwhals can only live under water.

Narwhal Habitat

There is a strong link between unicorns and narwhals. For example, both are bright white and move gracefully. They both have a horn. It is called "tusk" or "tooth" in the case of the narwhal, and it is a very powerful sensory organ ! In a way, it is a magic horn, just like the horn of the unicorn ✨. Unicorns live in herds while narwhals live in groups of hundreds of individuals. You can see that both share the same sense of community and mutual help !

The film "The Last Unicorn" features a unicorn trapped in the sea by an evil king. This was probably inspired by the majestic appearance of the narwhals ! Breathtakingly beautiful, they shine with a bright light in the abyssal depths in the same way that unicorns light up like a torch in the darkness of the forest.

Today's Unicorns and Water

As you can imagine : our contemporary unicorns can swim ! In fact, they even have the power to gallop on the water. The magical powers of unicorns become more and more powerful with the passing of time. Nowadays, taking a dip is no longer a problem for them !

Unicorn Walking on Water

Unicorns can now race across lakes and rivers, their hooves leaving only a small wave on the surface of the water. A bit like running on ice ! They grow on their hooves with such power and energy that they can stay on the surface easily. Their great agility, lightness and the magic that animates them thanks to their horn gives them this amazing ability.

Most unicorns are actually very happy to be able to frolic in the water when they get the chance. They love to dance on the waves with their mane in the wind and dance on the beach. If you've ever seen a silvery glow from afar on a beach, but it disappears when you get closer, you've probably seen a unicorn defying the waves !

Just like us, unicorns like to swim when the temperature is high. It helps them to cool down and invigorate their muscles. The water also serves to cleanse them : it keeps their horn shiny and gives them a clean body and mane. Unicorns tend to be in a bad mood if they don't have a water source nearby.

Unicorn Dream

Baby unicorns are pushed by their parents to go swimming from a very young age. As with all living creatures, contact with water is difficult the first few times. But once they get used to it, it is sometimes impossible to get them out ! Babies have to watch out for the currents, but the members of the herd take care of their safety.

Unicorns therefore have a special relationship with water, and are inseparable from it ! The nature of the water, sometimes calm and peaceful, other times dangerous and wild, perfectly reflects the temperament of the unicorns and the different facets that animate them. If you go for a walk in the forest one day, especially in hot weather, you might see a unicorn between two trees cooling down in a stream or a pond, with its little one playing and tapping in the water like human children do !

Surf the water like a unicorn !

Now you know that even if they are not naturally lent this ability, unicorns swim very well. They can even run on the water when the need arises ! So the magic of unicorns has no limits ? 😄

So it's time for you to take advantage of this magic by getting a Unicorn Pool Float ! Proudly ride the legendary unicorn through seas, lakes, rivers and swimming pools 😉 ! Nothing better to unveil to the world the incredible mythical horse that everyone is talking about !

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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