Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn

For many, black unicorns are the most fascinating unicorn species because they denote white unicorns. They combine both the positivity, which is usually associated with unicorns, and the blackness, which is usually associated with darkness, fear and danger 😱.

Black unicorns symbolise many different things, both positive and negative. Let's explore all this in this article !

1) What does a Black Unicorn look like ?

The Black Unicorn is depicted in many different ways. Its most classic appearance is simply that of the white unicorn but with a black tint, close to that of charcoal. It is imagined in the shade of rocks or trees. Like the white unicorn, it is slim and elegant, with black eyes and black horn.

Slim Black Unicorn

Others describe it as much darker than its white cousin. For example, she is described as having clawed fingers instead of hooves, which makes her much more worrying ! Given their incredible speed, these unicorns are made for hunting.

Unicorns are very tall, larger than their white cousins, and usually have thin or even thread-like legs. Despite these strange proportions, they are still magnificent creatures to observe. However, it is unlikely that anyone would want to meet one in the forest !

Black Unicorn

This is not really justified, as they are not always threatening. In fact, they are rather shy and delicate, and prefer to stay in the shadows. If you've ever seen one under a full moon, you've seen how beautiful they are 😲 !

2) Black Unicorns in Mythology

In the time of Ancient Greece, unicorns were represented with the colour black. This explains why they are often believed to have the same qualities and abilities as white unicorns.

At that time, black unicorns were associated with freedom, luck and fortune, at least in their earliest representations. It was not until long afterwards, when white unicorns appeared and became more common, that they began to be given negative connotations.

A Black Unicorn

One of the first descriptions is of a creature close to the horse with a black horn at the top of the forehead. Although it is not certain that it is a unicorn, it was believed to have healing powers. It was said that if a person drank from the horn of this beast, he would be immune to stomach problems and poison.

Black unicorns were therefore the first to be described by man. They can be considered as the ancestors of our contemporary unicorns ! Try to compare today's Unicorn Plush with one of these majestic creatures : the difference is enormous !

3) Meaning of the Black Unicorn

Some people think that black unicorns have opposite character traits to those of white unicorns. Thus, they are associated with bad luck and evil intentions. According to the legend, they are messengers of Death itself 😲 ! It is believed that they are hunters and carnivores attacking everything in their path in order to devour it.

Black Unicorn with Wings

Despite these negative connotations, they are still linked to freedom and power. They are believed to have the same speed as their white cousins. This would mean that they are terrible predators, capable of easily catching their prey and devouring it. According to some, black unicorns are stronger than white unicorns. They can also camouflage themselves more easily in the forest because of their darker hue.

But these unicorns do not only have negative connotations due to their colour. It is still believed that they bring happiness and prosperity wherever they go, as well as the ability to heal. In a way, they are "augmented" white unicorns, both negative and positive. They are not found in one place : they roam wherever they want all over the world.

White Unicorn and Black Unicorn

The term "black unicorn" is even used to designate a person for whom everything smiles. For example, someone who has a great job, who is handsome, with a great personality, and who is an ideal partner. The term may have a racial connotation. It could describe something or someone who doesn't exist or who is impossible to find. For example, rare or mythical people or creatures, such as black unicorns.

4) Black Unicorns In Dreams

Black unicorns in dreams are not necessarily a sign of bad luck, although this is what most people think because of the colour of the unicorn. In general, if you see a black unicorn in a dream, it is because it has come to offer its help. Therefore, dreaming about unicorns has a similar meaning, whether the unicorn is white or black.

To dream of a black unicorn is a sign of strength and power. It is a sign of strength and power, and it is an incentive for the dreamer to take action to change something in his or her life. While white unicorns are rather gentle and benevolent guides, black unicorns come to push us into our retrenchments. Their goal is to make us go beyond our limits to cross barriers, and to make us take action to reach our goals.

Malefic Unicorn

Did you dream of a black unicorn ? What did you think about it ? Was it there with evil intent, or did it want to help you do something ? If it was aggressive, it could be a sign that you have done something wrong or that something is wrong with your life. In this case, she is telling you that you probably have something you can do to make up for it, or make up for what you have done wrong, if you prefer !

5) The Black Unicorn in Literature

A) The Black Unicorn in Novels

"The Black Unicorn" is the 2nd novel of a series written by Terry Brooks, which features a black unicorn described as a positive force. In the novel, it comes to the aid of the Landover kingdom against the demonic forces that are trying to overthrow it.

Worrying Black Unicorn

It is a work that highlights the positive aspects of black unicorns. It particularly highlights their power and intelligence, qualities that are put at the service of the characters. In the first part of the book, she proves her speed and agility by managing to escape from the men who want to capture her.

Later in the book, we learn that the black unicorn represents the imprisoned spirit of white unicorns. Perhaps it was the intensity of despair of a white unicorn that forced her to use 100% of her powers, making her black ! This would mean that black unicorns are the most powerful.

Two Unicorns

There is another book featuring a black unicorn entitled "Black Unicorn" written by Tanith Lee. In this series, Tanaquil, a young woman, evolves in a world of fantasy fiction. Two other books, "Gold Unicorn" and "Red Unicorn" are part of this trilogy, which is definitely full of unicorns ! It is worth discovering.

B) Black Unicorns in Poetry

"The Black Unicorn : Poems" is a collection of poems written by Audre Lorde, which explores the theme of race. Written by a black activist, committed feminist and mother, the poems deal with the difficulties she has faced.

For Lorde, black unicorns are a symbol of power, but also of the suffering one experiences as an outcast. It is almost impossible to find a herd of black unicorns, for example. In this work, there is only one black unicorn. All the others are white.

Herd of Unicorns

The author develops in her poems the fact that she is African-American and the difficulties associated with it. She was a lesbian in difficult times. She therefore thought of using her poems to express her anger at the injustices she observed.

The title has many meanings : it can evoke anger, power, loneliness, freedom, passion and being black in a world dominated by whites. As an extraordinary poet, the power of unicorns animated her !

6) Black Unicorns in the Games

Black unicorns are also present in games such as Dungeons and Dragons. They are also very popular there. The black unicorn actually makes its first appearance in "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition", among other types of unicorns.

Black Unicorn Smoker

We come back to negative stereotypes : in this game, black unicorns are necessarily evil. It is explicitly stated that they can never act for good, and that they will always intervene for evil. In the lore of Dungeons and Dragons, they are hybrids of captured white unicorns and Nightmares.

Black unicorns also make an appearance in the game Runescape, and are used instead to acquire loot. They are not really representatives of good or evil. Their power is surprisingly low : they do little damage in the game. They allow the player to find horns to sell, but are no different from white unicorns. It seems that their colour is a natural element, rather than a feature that would give them certain abilities.

Evil Black Unicorn

In short, black unicorns are incredible creatures. Represented in many different ways in literature and art, they are undeniably beautiful and attractive. Even if they are given certain negative connotations, they are also associated with powerful abilities to do good.

If you ever come across a black unicorn, remember to treat them with respect because they are extremely powerful. Also remember that they may prefer to remain solitary, so offer them your friendship only if you feel it is appropriate to do so !

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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