Best Unicorn Cake

Best Unicorn Cake

Our fairy horses are the most beautiful creatures, so it is only natural that Unicorn Cakes is the best pastry in the world ! In this article we present you our Best Unicorn Cakes, which you can make at home. You will find, among other things :

  • Unicorn Cakes
  • Little Unicorn Cakes
  • Unicorn Rainbow cakes
  • Unicorn Birthday Cakes
  • Unicorn Red Fruit Cakes
  • Dark Chocolate Unicorn Cakes
  • Unicorn Theme Cakes

And many others : there are all shapes and for absolutely all tastes, for the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds ! 😋

After seeing all these gustatory wonders, you will surely want to learn how to make a Unicorn Cake ! You can take a look at our blog article on this subject.

1) Unicorn Cake Blue

Unicorn Cake Blue

We start with a simple and effective unicorn cake ! All covered in blue, it is decorated with small flowers in shades of pink and purple. To be enjoyed on a birthday or any other occasion !

2) Pink Unicorn Cake

Pink Unicorn Cake

It's a bit of a shame to have to eat this beautiful unicorn head, but how can I resist it ? She is so delicate with her little daisies in her mouth !

3) Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Can you imagine a more fairy-tale pastry ? It would be hard to make it more colourful anyway !

4) Unicorn Cake Gold and Pink

Unicorn Cake Gold and Pink

The combination of pink with gold is sublime on this unicorn cake ! The decoration that runs down the side is reminiscent of the mane of the magic horse.

5) Unicorn Raspberry Cake

Unicorn Raspberry Cake

If you like raspberries, you will be served with this cake ! It is both beautiful and succulent. If you ever see it in a bakery, don't miss your chance and buy it right away !

6) Strawberry Unicorn Cake

Strawberry Unicorn Cake

After raspberries, strawberries ! Yes, there's something for everyone. This is an excellent alternative to strawberries !

7) Kawaii Unicorn Cake

Kawaii Unicorn Cake

Well, it's not really a cake you can eat, but it's so beautiful and adorable that we had to include it in this Top. Look how cute this little face of Kawaii Unicorn Cake is !

8) Unicorn Cake Open Eyes

Unicorn Cake Open Eyes

Warning : this cake may hypnotize you ! There's only one way to escape : eat it as soon as possible ! It won't be difficult as it is so delicious.

9) Harry Potter Unicorn Cake

Harry Potter Unicorn Cake

This cake is Gryffindor's favourite dessert ! After eating it, you will feel magic powers inside you !

10) Simple Unicorn Cake

Simple Unicorn Cake

This unicorn cake is simple but delicious ! Look at his big smile : he's just waiting for you to taste it !

11) Funny Unicorn Cake

Funny Unicorn Cake

This reclining unicorn is adorable but above all succulent: look at this pink texture just waiting to be bitten ! You'll notice the unicorn plush in the background. We also have a large collection of them.

12) Unicorn Mermaid Cake

Unicorn Mermaid Cake

You think you're a little mermaid ? Then this Mermaid Cake is made for you ! It's the colour of fish scales !

13) Unicorn Vanilla Cake

Unicorn Vanilla Cake

Speculoos and vanilla lovers, welcome ! Your favourite fragrances are gathered in this succulent unicorn cake.

14) 3d Unicorn Cake

3d Unicorn Cake

Another cake that looks like a unicorn sitting plush ! What could be more original, frankly ? It has the little smile as a bonus !

15) Chocolate Unicorn Cake

Chocolate Unicorn Cake

The classic Unicorn Cake, but with chocolate. Honestly, doesn't it make your lips drool ? 

16) Multicolor Unicorn Cake

Multicolor Unicorn Cake

The multicoloured decoration of this unicorn cake makes all its charm !

17) Unicorn Cat Cake

Unicorn Cat Cake

This Unicorn Cat Shaped Cake is both cute and adorable ! It will delight all feline and equine friends 🐱 ! Meow !

18) Unicorn Cake Fail

Unicorn Cake Fail

On the left, the model of the cake that had to be made, and on the right the result ! What do you think about it ? A bit of a mess, don't you think ? It's OK, it looks good anyway.

19) Big Unicorn Cake

Big Unicorn Cake

Here is a Big Round Unicorn Cake !

20) Unicorn Cake Black and Gold

Unicorn Cake Black and Gold

This unicorn cake decorated with gold leaf is almost a work of art, it's almost a shame to eat it !

21) Rectangular Unicorn Cake

Rectangular Unicorn Cake

Sometimes you just have to decorate a cake with unicorn motifs to add a touch of magic !

22) Unicorn Cake 2 Floor

Unicorn Cake 2 Floor

When one nappy is not enough, you put on a second one, for twice as much pleasure !

23) Halloween Unicorn Cake

Halloween Unicorn Cake

Here is the perfect Halloween dessert, both terrifying and adorable ! 👻

24) Unicorn Mascarpone Cake

Unicorn Mascarpone cake

How about a homemade mascarpone cake ? This is a great idea for a unicorn cake to order from the pastry chef !

25) Unicorn Princess Cake

Unicorn Princess Cake

If you think you're a princess, this is the perfect unicorn cake for you : it's decorated with a royal crown and a white unicorn on the side !

26) Small Unicorn Cake

Small Unicorn Cake

Tiny and cute are the adjectives to describe this unicorn cake !

27) Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorn Birthday Cake

In fact, all the cakes in this top can be used as unicorn cake for the birthday. But this one is perfectly decorated for the occasion with two little kawaii unicorns !

28) Unicorn Cheesecake

Unicorn Cheesecake

You were wondering if unicorn cheesecakes existed ? Here's the answer. They are the most delicious and colourful in the world !

29) Unicorn Wonder Woman Cake

Unicorn Wonder Woman Cake

To all fans of the heroine Wonder Woman, welcome ! After eating this unicorn cake, you will feel a phenomenal power within you ! 💪

30) Unicorn Cone Cake

Unicorn Cone Cake

If you don't have a golden horn to complete your unicorn cake, you can use an ice cream cone. Simple, but you should have thought about it ! 😉

31) Unicorn Head Cake

Unicorn Head Cake

The classic way to make a unicorn cake is to add eyes and horn on top. But you can also directly make a unicorn head with pretty eyelashes !

32) Unicorn Shaped Cake

Unicorn Shaped Cake

Obviously, this type of unicorn cake is complicated to make. It is a work of art, a real museum piece !

33) Unicorn Cake 3 Floors

Unicorn Cake 3 floors

Even stronger than a two-layer unicorn cake, a three-layer unicorn cake ! So if you want to finish it all, you'd better be hungry !

34) Flat Unicorn Cake

Flat Unicorn Cake

Sometimes a simple flat unicorn cake in the shape of a unicorn head can do the trick.

35) Unicorn Square Cake

Unicorn Square Cake

If you can make rectangular unicorn cakes, you can also make squares ! Look at this geometric perfection !

36) Unicorn Meringue Cake

Unicorn Meringue Cake

Placing meringues on the most enchanting of cakes is a great way to embellish it while making it succulent !

37) Unicorn Yogurt Cake

Unicorn Yogurt Cake

Do you like yoghurt cakes ? Then make one on the theme of unicorns !

38) Mini Unicorn Cake

Mini Unicorn Cake

You don't have to make a big unicorn cake. You can also make smaller ones : look how adorable these three are !

39) Blue Unicorn Cake

Blue Unicorn Cake

Go into intergalactic space with this unicorn cake in the colours of the cosmos !

40) Pinata Unicorn Cake

Pinata Unicorn Cake

And here's the greatest idea in the world : a Pinata Unicorn Cake ! Not only is it delicious, but it's full of colourful delicacies inside ! To complete a birthday party discover our collection of unicorn pinata !

41) Unicorn Cake that Eat to Much

Unicorn Cake that Eat to Much

This is what you're going to look like after eating all this Original Unicorn Cake ! Just be careful not to hurt yourself 😜.

42) Unicorn Lollipop Cake

Unicorn Lollipop Cake

Sometimes voted cake of the year in the United States, pop cakes (or cake pops) have become a trend, so it's normal to see unicorns coming !

43) Unicorn Cake with Wings

Unicorn Cake with Wings

You're probably asking yourself the question : do unicorns fly ? In some cases, yes ! It is therefore legitimate to add wings to your unicorn cake, if you wish. This will make it even more elegant !

44) Cupcake Unicorn Cake

Cupcake Unicorn Cake

How to make a Unicorn Cupcake ? Very simple : take a cupcake, add a few gourmet decorations and a horn, and that's it !

45) Unicorn Cake Rainbow Mane

Unicorn Cake Rainbow Mane

If you're making a cake in the shape of a unicorn head, making a rainbow mane for it is a great idea ! By the way, if you're a fan, you're going to love our Rainbow Unicorn Images, so don't hesitate to check it out !

46) Black Unicorn Cake

Black Unicorn Cake

If you make an all-black unicorn cake like this one, think about adding some multicoloured decorations: it will make it look great ! If you want to know more about black unicorns, you can read our article about them. They are sometimes terrifying but beautiful !

47) Unicorn Glitter Cake

Unicorn Glitter Cake

We haven't seen many of them so far, but how could we forget to put glitter on a unicorn cake ? It goes without saying : it's the best way to make it glitter to impress your guests !

48) Unicorn Sugar Dough Cake

Unicorn Sugar Dough Cake

A round pink unicorn cake decorated with a rainbow and a unicorn, all in sugar dough. Simple but deliciously effective ! 😋

49) Unicorn Cake with Candles

Unicorn Cake with Candles

An example of what a Birthday Unicorn Cake with rainbow candles can look like !

50) Emoji Unicorn Cake

Emoji Unicorn Cake

One of the best for last: the Emoji Unicorn Cake ! If you too like to use the famous unicorn smiley face, spend some time understanding the meaning of the emoji unicorn !

Become a Unicorn Candy Expert !

Our Top 50 is now complete. You now have an overview of all the possibilities offered by unicorn cakes : as you can see, they are unlimited. We hope that it has made you want to learn how to make the best and most enchanting pastry !

And just so that you can make your own unicorn cakes, we have reserved a whole collection of Unicorn Moulds for you. Whether you want to make unicorn candies, unicorn birthday decorations or even resin unicorn keychain, they are a great way to get your hands on the dough.

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As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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